Image Russell Stover really gets in the Halloween spirit. Maybe too much so.  During September and October, they offer individually wrapped chocolate pumpkins with more than a dozen different fillings, including, but not limited to: marshmallow, pumpkin pie, strawberry cream, red velvet, caramel, chocolate marshmallow, and peanut butter. I probably won't try them all.

I just might though.

As you can see from the pictures, the Russell Stover chocolate pumpkins lack the nuanced details found in the Snickers squash.  They also are absolutely swimming in packaging. Thus, it's hard not to be a bit disappointed by their diminutive stature when they emerge from the wrapper.

2013-10-09 17.08.22

Lots of shredded coconut enabled big coconut flavor, which almost made up for the rather thin, bitter (but not in a classy way) dark chocolate coating.

I would have rather had a Mounds.

AuthorJoanna O'Leary