Not to be confused with Pillsbury pumpkin-flavored cookies.  It's only October 17th and my local Kroger was already very eager to get rid of this "shape and bake" treat and had discounted them to "10/$10." Okay, I'll take one package for one dollar. 

I'm not going to write "baking these cookies couldn't be simpler!" because obviously having someone else bake them for me would be easier. But I will tell you I probably could bake them blindfolded.  Actually, I could probably bake them without even trying, accidentally even, if I tripped, tore open the package, and hurled the cookies into an open oven. 



I put down wax paper on the pan just to feel like I was making some effort.

I remember when I was little thinking that Pillsbury sugar cookies were of a reasonable circumference. Now they are the size of checkers and lend themselves to be eaten by the handful. 

To slow down my rate of consumption I made them into sandwich cookies with store-bought frosting. (Please, like I'm going to waste homemade icing made from unpasteurized milk and Irish butter on these things.)

It worked and I only ate six. 

AuthorJoanna O'Leary