Ever since the disastrous introduction of the blue M&M, I have especially welcomed the release of M&M's in fall colors, which, thank God, do not include blue. The dark maroon hue also reminds me of my departed friend, the tan M&M, whose resurrection I pray for daily.  

I picked up a bag of autumnal peanut butter M&Ms at CVS.  For baking purposes, I would have preferred plain milk chocolate, but there were none to be found. Also, I find the package illustration of the coy female M&M sipping a latte endearing:



Actually I have no idea if it's a latte. It could be a hot cocoa. But I don't like to think of a chocolate candy sipping on a chocolate beverage.  It's akin to me drinking my own blood. But perhaps brown lady M&M is a vampire, which is not totally inappropriate, given the Halloween release.

Anyway, buy some and use them to make chocolate chocolate chip peanut butter M&M cookies. 

AuthorJoanna O'Leary