Having long been a fan of Canada Dry cranberry ginger ale, I was excited to see another major soft drink brand board the seasonal edition cranberry soda train. (Hmm, not quite sure about that last metaphor, but I think you know what I mean.)

As an unapologetic consumer of artificial sweeteners, I opted for the diet or "zero" version of cranberry Sprite because frankly regular Sprite usually tastes too sweet for me and I would rather expend the calories on chocolate milk.

Cranberry Sprite Zero tastes vaguely of cranberries. Very vaguely.  Definitely far less than a hint and perhaps a tad bit more than a whiff. It's almost indiscernible. 

Anyway, I think you get it. Even diet Canada Dry cranberry ginger ale tastes much fruitier. I can easily take or leave cranberry Sprite Zero.

This all being said, I wonder if my apathy toward this seasonal soda is misplaced.  Perhaps the non-zero version is absolutely bursting with cranberry flavor. 

But probably not. Readers, contradict if I'm woefully incorrect.

AuthorJoanna O'Leary