Apologies for the blurriness of the photo, which in a way reflects my own uncertainty about this candy bar.  Well, first it is not a candy bar, it is a "bite size" (not to be confused with "fun size" or "bites") version of full-size Caramel Apple Milky Way. Except this product does not exist, which totally deconstructs the idea of bite-size CAMW being the diminutive form of anything. In a way, the candy bar equivalent to Judith Butler's conceptualization of gender performativity, i.e., "the copy without the original."  

Anyhoo, my problem with this candy isn't so much that the (sour?) apple flavor is fake albeit prominent but that once your taste buds start to enjoy it, your consumption experience is over. Yes, you can open another bite size, but, ugh, that takes work.  Why doesn't Mars issue a full-size version of CAMW so that we can have a sustained apple-flavored-caramel-chocolate experience.  Why the tease with the fun size. Not so much "fun" I think. 

AuthorJoanna O'Leary