Image I feel like at some point Cadbury got tired of dominating Easter and set its sights on Halloween.  And while the presence of Hershey and Mars will probably prevent them from ever dominating this holiday, I do give Cadbury props for successfully parlaying its most iconic Easter treat, the creme egg, into a Halloween confection.  How?


Simply by changing "c" to "s" and yellow to green.  A Cadbury Screme Egg,  as I discovered within moments of my taste test, is identical in taste to a  Cadbury Creme Egg. The only two elements differentiating the two candies is the name and the color of the interior "yolk."


I suppose that Cadbury chose green as their Halloween hue because the shift from yellow to orange would be insufficiently dramatic.  That's fine and good, I guess, but now they've completely foreclosed the possibility of using green for a mint-flavored St. Patrick's Day version of the Creme Egg.


AuthorJoanna O'Leary